Attributes of LucidControl Universal Serial Bus IO Module Products

 USB Digital Input Module

Every time an automation solution is demanded, the LucidControl Input Output product series should be considered as being a sensible choice. The product collection is made of effective Universal Serial Bus I/O Units with outstanding attributes transforming any pc to a modular data capture and control system.

The advanced Universal Serial Bus IO units are fit best in order to handle power loads including heaters, fans or even pumps by acquiring and generating analog and digital lines like resistances, clocks, voltages and temperatures. Beside of being ready for house applications, USB I/O Devices are generally designed in order to accomplish countless important standards for industrial applications including workbench control.

The industrial ready LucidControl devices come with industrial standard I/O connectors. The potential of installing the units on standard DIN-Rails is only one advantage mentioned here. This Particular capability allows the integration of the I/O Units in to switchboards of an automation project.

Especially this specific feature, along with the potential to add the equipment on DIN-Rails means they are the most suitable option for industrial automated applications including switch boards. LucidControl USB I/O Units are portable plus work on many different operating systems like Windows and Linux.

Due to the standardized driver, which is available in current operating systems, out of the box set up can be performed very easily within minutes. In addition, the IO Devices work with the impressive Raspberry Pi and the Texas Instruments Beagle Bone embedded computers which are very popular now. Employing these single board computers makes the development of internet based and smartphone software super easy.

To be able to improve the efficiency and also to improve the learning curve, LucidControl Devices can all be operated by the same software.

After a computer accessed the unit on its Universal Serial Bus interface launches instantly.

All LucidControl USB Devices are supposed to be managed with the identical user friendly software that makes working with these modules really easy where it doesn't matter how many modules may be plugged into a dedicated computer system. Application programming interfaces ready for several complete the program bundle and give complete usage of all of the LucidControl USB units devices.

DAQ and Control System

LucidControl USB IO Devices can be used for many projects. Everywhere where signals have to be acquired or generated e.g. within the home automation section, the units enables you to manage electrical loads like lawn sprinklers or fans.

The usability of these modules makes it easy to develop for example switches or even far more complex applications that e.g. meter and log humidity and temperature. The IO Modules are also specialized in energy saving applications since being able to meter data such as humidity and temperatures.

Cycled outputs along with standardized analog 0-10V signals can make lines for handling valves, mixers as well as heaters of a home heating system handled by computations according to measured temps.

In the do it yourself area these low-cost USB IO modules are able to control e.g. LEDs setting up e.g. various lightning environments. Not forgetting that all functions can be operated over the web even by using mobile phones.

As soon as a computer system that itself is connected to the Web recognizes LucidControl USB Module you'll find almost zero limitations of potential applications.

Versatile interfaces with USB Analog I/O & USB Digital I/O

In order to make this product as helpful as viable and to cover the majority of potential projects, it is our focus to handle many USB DAC and digital signals with this USB Modules.

Compatible with Raspberry Pi and TI BeagleBone Black computer systems

Raspberry Pi

Generally, LucidControl is based on PC technology and it ready for most computers working with Microsoft Windows and Linux. Additionally, cheaper and small single board computers like the Raspberry Pi as well as the TI BeagleBone Black, which offer Universal Serial Bus interfaces, mouse, keyboard and display ports, are devoted operating along with LucidControl.

Due to the supported Linux operating system these types of mini single board computers are ready to solve lots of things straightaway. Lots of software applications such as popular Internet servers as well as reliable databases can help you, can be found on the Web and can be installed.

When a Web server was installed, the I/O device is accessible with all of its functionality remotely just by web browsers, protected and worldwide. Reliable database systems e.g. MariaDB are very beneficial when it comes to solid saving of gained production data with minimum hassle.

There are numerous sample applications supplied demonstrating using LucidControl USB equipment.

Software and Documentation

In order to make the setup of LucidControl I/O systems pretty uncomplicated, a large and still growing software bundle is available. The supplied user manual may be very thoroughly and moreover provide combined with the guides valuable facts like ideas for various applications.

The console tool is compatible with all LucidControl USB I/O modules and could be used for a first begin in order to configure and control the units without any single line of software. Giving full utilization of the equipment and being provided for most major platforms with no need of set up, it saves development time and improves the time to enter the market.

Portable and web based programs could be developed extremely quick and straightforward by utilizing the command line software. SDKs for a lot of software development environments like Python and Java are available.

Additionally, the modules are thoroughly described without something being excluded or kept secret which allows the development of new ports for other application development environments or implementing other computer system platforms.

LucidControl Support and Concept

We are the developer and producer of LucidControl USB Input Output products and we also utilize the modules for a lot of our tasks. We try to make the first steps into the the LucidControl I/O environment as easy as realizable but in case experience any issue which you can not fix on your own, we will assist you as good as we can in order to find a solution.

The hardware as well as the software follow a modular and consistent concept which is clear designed and extendable. Tailored value added extensions could be realized by add-on modules which do not touch the concept of LucidControl USB I/O modules but can provide other or additional functionality. Because of the flexible and upgrade able software, features can be implemented and updated in the field easily what protects your investment in the future.

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