New USB Analog Input Module is available

USB Analog Input Module

LucidControl IO Modules comprise of a series of different IO modules for analog and digital data acquisition and control which are useful in various monitoring projects.

The modules are USB power supplied and run standalone without the need for additional adapters which makes LucidControl a very inexpensive equipment also for mobile analog data acquisition solutions.

It is enough to link the USB Analog Input Module via a conventional USB port to the host computer.

The versatile and also DIN-Rail attachable housing makes LucidControl USB IO Modules best suitable for the automation business since it allows their most easy integration into distribution boxes. For reliable solutions it is also helpful that the analog input and output units are prepared with durable and industrial standard plug-able terminal contacts.

Services for e.g. controlling a central heating system which are usual in the DIY branch can be realized with the USB ADC Module tidy and straight forward by adding the modules into distribution boxes. The analog input equipment is the best solution for both, beginners as well as professionals because they include extensive utilities and also APIs for many programming environments which makes their use absolutely simple.

In the training section, the units can be employed by trainees in order to do their first steps in automated programming.

Most operating systems such as Windows or Linux are working with LucidControl USB IO Modules instantly not needing driver software setup. Extremely usable are the USB Analog Input Modules also since they are compatible not only with ordinary computers but also with the lately became famous embedded computers like the Beagle Bone Black.

This makes all capabilities of the USB IO device being available via the internet and to create database applications on embedded computers working with Linux operating system.

Characteristics of the USB ADC Module

For controlling analog lines such as voltages, the USB ADC Module and and USB Analog Output Module represent this type of analog input output units and are ready for acquiring and generating analog type channels.

The measurement of analog signals can simply be done using the USB ADC Module.

The input lines can be chosen in order to measure positive and negative voltage signals within the values of 5V, 10V, 24V as well as the symmetrical values of -5V to 5V, -10V to 10V and -24 to 24V. In particular analog signals of 0-10V and 0 to 24V are commonly utilized in the building area.

The 0-10V selection is perfect prepared in order to work together with equipment providing a 0 ~ 10V channel such as wind detectors which often deliver a signal in the range 0-10V relative to the captured wind velocity. Vortex flow meters for example create analog signals being proportional to the amount of fluid flew through it per time division and the LucidControl USB Analog Input Module can process these sizes.

The USB ADC devices grant a high resolution of the acquired value of 14 bit bit by ensuring a tolerance of 0.25%. The precision of the acquired input is even more increased by the built-in channel processing level and the disturbance filter.

Regarding accuracy the 0-10V selection of the LucidControl USB Analog Input Module captures an applied voltage signal with /- 25mV tolerance being a a good compromise regarding costs and precision while being adequate for most logging tasks.

The company goal is it to equip the IO Components with plenty of interfaces in order to make these products ready for all types of applications. Additional insights regarding the LucidControl USB I/O units can be found on our web-page.

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