Build an analog Data Acquisition Solution with USB Analog Input Modules

Universal Serial Bus Analog Input Module

If a control and data acquisition solution is necessary for some task, the USB Analog Measurement is suitable since processing digital and analog signals as well.

The devices can be easily integrated to switch cabinets being quite typical in automation business simply because of the variable DIN-rail attachable enclosure. For solid projects it is also helpful that the input output modules are equipped with high quality and industrial standard plugable connections.

Services for e.g. controlling a central heating system as they are typical in the do-it-yourself field can be prepared tidy and straight forward by integrating the devices into distribution cabinets. The device is the perfect solution for both, starters as well as experts since they include comprehensive development tools and additionally libraries for most important programming languages what makes their usage totally simple.

Learners can make their initial automation development experiences with these units and profit by a big learning curve.

Most OS such as Microsoft Windows® and Linux are supported by the Universal Serial Bus input output modules instantly without driver installing.

Most usable are the modules also since they are compatible not only with standard PCs but also with the recently became famous mini-sized computers like the Beagle Bone Black. This makes all functionality of the IO modules being accessible through the world wide web and to build web based applications on mini-sized computers operating with Linux OS.

Characteristics of the LucidControl Analog Input Module

For managing analog lines for example voltages, the analog input (DAQ) and output DAC devices stand for this class of input output devices and are equipped for managing analog type lines.

The Universal Serial Bus Analog Capturing Devices can be used to measure 4 analog lines. Input channels are around for ranges of 5V to 24V additionally negative capturing ranges with -5V ... 5V, -10V ... 10V and also a -24V ... 24V are available.

Especially voltage interfaces of 0 ... 10 and 0 ... 24V are often applied in the building area.

The 0-10V selection matches best to communicate with detectors offering a 0-10V signal like wind detectors which usually deliver a voltage in the range 0-10V relative to the captured wind speed.

The LucidControl USB analog input module is also able to acquire the signal generated by a vortex flow meter which usually generates an analog voltage relative to the fluid flew through the sensor per time division.

A resolution of 14 bit ensures a tolerance of 0.25% spread over the entire acquisition range of the LucidControl Universal Serial Bus analog capturing module.

The included signal processing stage filtrates disturbances from the acquired channel, improving the quantified channel making it extremely exact.

Concerning precision the 0-10V option of the Universal Serial Bus analog input device measures an applied voltage signal with /- 25mV precision being a a good compromise regarding costs and precision while being appropriate for many USB Relay Module control purposes.

In order to make the product as helpful as realisable and also to manage the majority of possible services, it is our productsgoal to cover various digital and analog signals with this LucidControl USB IO Devices.

More facts regarding the LucidControl IO units are available on our site.

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